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Internet protocol Television or IPTV is a video broadcast technology that delivers video content over computer networks. Instead of using medium like cable or satellite radio to deliver content, IPTV uses converged IP networks, allowing other services like VoIP, computer data exchange or Internet access to be still available from the same network. IPTV fits perfectly to the concept of Internet-of-Things and other ITC trends.

There are two good reasons why IPTV evolved so fast and so many vendors have developed their own solutions of this kind. People are watching TV, lots of people. Despite the success of video hosting websites that took part of video broadcast market away from Pay TV providers, quality content is still available mostly from subscription based services. IPTV made viewer experience much richer and truly interactive, so that anybody who ever tried quality IPTV service will never revert to regular TV. Availability of quality video content, including custom viewer choices-driven content that is available on variety of devices makes IPTV service a unique kind of entertainment that render classic TV an outdated experience. Witnessing high competition among service providers, users of IPTV services can expect flexible price offers, even better content and other features that will be constantly improving their experience.

Tejays is looking at connecting IPTV services PAN INDIA.