What is the delivery time for Tejays service?

The process is, you need to book it online or Call us.
Once we receive the booking, one of our team members will call you within 1-3 working days, depending on pending queue of waiting customers.
But if you are looking for an instant installation, then you need to go for PRIORITY INSTALLATION which costs extra. You may select PRIORITY while booking online on the above form.

Do I need to make any payment at the time of booking the order?

Yes you need to pay installation amount at the time of booking the order.

Are there any additional cost, that I am expected to pay besides installation charges?

We need the customer to arrange Pipe and then call us for final installation. If the customer needs us to get it arranged for them, you have to pay premium. So, its always better if you could get it arranged yourself and save the extra money!
So, you may either buy Pipe yourself, or ask our team to get it for you, but Tejays accounts have nothing to do with the pipe solution, whatsoever.

What setup do I need at my residence or office in order to subscribe to Tejays service?

You absolutely don’t need anything, except a wireless router, if you are trying to use multiple devices. If it’s a single device, then you don’t even need the router. Our technician will install the wireless device on your roof top and then it will be configured to connect to the internet.
But yes, if your building doesn’t meet the signal requirements, we will need to do some height solutions like we will need a 20ft pipe. A 20ft pipe solution cost around Rs 1500
It completely depends on the feasibility team. Once the team checks the feasibility, they can tell you what you need and how much you would have to spend on that.
We need the customer to arrange this and then call us for final installation.

What is the process of Service Delivery?

Service delivery of Tejays is as follows:
Authorized Tejays Sales representative will explain and finalize tariff plan based on your need.
Post placing the order you will receive a call from Tejays for verifying personal details: name, address, registered mobile number, email ID and tariff plan.
The authorized Tejays representative will visit subscriber’s premises. You are required to pay “Installation Amount + 1st 3 Months Rental Amount” to the authorized Tejays installation representative post successful installation.
Service installation will be done depending on our pending queue of waiting customers. In case of cheque payment, service activation shall be done once it’s cleared.
Post successful installation, Tejays representative will provide the Customer Application Form (CAF), which needs to be filled with complete and correct information. The following documents need to be submitted along with the CAF:
Valid Proof of Identity
Valid Address Proof
1 Passport Photo
1 Government ID card

If I want to disconnect, do I get some kind of refund?

NO, installation is non-refundable. There is no security deposit.

Can I disconnect in the middle of the subscription?

Of course, not! Subscription amount, once paid is non-refundable.
So, you have to use your service, until you reach its expiry date. If you disconnect earlier, you will lose your subscription amount.

What speed is offered by Tejays for its service?

We offer speeds starting from 2Mbps up to 10 Mbps under wireless plans and upto 1000Mbps for Fiber Plans. Those are the connection speeds, not the download speeds. Download speeds are as per the actual math and dependent on international servers or connectivity to them. No commitments and promises are done for Broadband Plans.
And broadband plan speeds are up to the speed figures.

How do I decide which plan from Tejays service is ideally suited for me?

To help you decide suitable plans based on your usage pattern please visit our plans & pricing page or call us at 0141-4556677 or email us at sales@tejays.in

What are the different types of plans offered by Tejays?

There are different kinds of plans to meet your requirements. You need to decide yourself, what you exactly need. Just do not choose the smallest plan and repent later about it. Please visit our Plans & Pricing page to decide on it.

What are the benefits of Long Term Recharge?

If you do a long term recharge you will definitely get some relaxation in your payment.

How do I do a Long Term recharge for my Tejays Account?

You can do a long term recharge by calling us or emailing us, and then we would be sending you the instructions to do it.

When can I start using my internet service?

You can start using the service IMMEDIATELY, post installation and realization of subscription amount, and verification of your KYC documents.

What are the devices I can use to access Tejays service?

You can access Tejays service from PC/Laptop/Smart Devices like tablets and smart phones.